The Personal Banking Concept represents a new way of thinking, a paradigm shift, away from conditioned thinking because it is a return to the core principles of financial education. Some how over the course of time, the government and Wall Street took control of the banking and retirement systems and many Americans are being left behind without solutions.  Currently, the system is rigged against the middle class because everything is geared toward taking your money and transferring it to banks, investment companies and unfortunately (even some Insurance Companies offering high surrender fee polices for up to 15 years!) who are often one and the same due to legal changes that have favored the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. 


When you create your own Personal Banking Concept system through mutual whole life insurance in such a way as to escape from traditional banking and reliance upon Wall Street for your retirement, you can eventually recapture all of your debt costs.  PBC allows continuous compounding of your wealth for you in terms of tax free accrual of cash value AND for your loved ones in terms of an accruing death and living benefits.  


Get your complimentary PBC STRATEGY session by our Certified Financial Professionals and request PBC design illustrations and see if it is the right plan for you and your family!