The fractional reserve banking system rate dictates that for every $1 that is deposited, you get to loan out an amount of around $10, and this continues in perpetuity. So next time when you deposit $10 to your local bank, the same bank can loan up to 10x or $100 to someone else.  The whole idea of banking business is leveraging other people’s money. How much of every dollar that you’re paying to a bank right now is interest?  The average person sells a home and moves or buys a new car every 7 years AND that’s also when you pay the most interest on a loan. It isn’t about the rate of interest that you’re paying to the bank, but rather the “volume” of interest.  Many Americans are paying 35% to 65% interest on every dollar earned! Many of the largest banks in the U.S. use your money to purchase income producing tax-advantaged assets such as real estate, and yes the whole life cash value life insurance policies!


Unfortunately, the entire education system is rigged to propagate the lie that your money is best utilized by placing into your neighborhood banks in every major street corner of America. Basically most Middle Americans are parking their money, or lending money to the banks for less than 1% annually, rather than using the money as a means to gain true wealth. Now, if you’re not the banker… the above scenario results in an inability to get ahead in your finances and not giving yourself a chance to create true wealth. The system is not designed to help you; rather the system is designed to keep you subservient to those who control the wealth…mainly bankers and large corporations. This is truly and sadly a modern day slavery of the masses.


By now with Personal Banking Concept financial literacy education we’ve shared with you, perhaps you may be angry by the current system; the good news is there is a better way.  Wealth Space’s ultimate mission is to educate and share the wealth building opportunity concepts with you and your loved ones in grand scale.